I've always been the kind of gal who didn't care much about her hair, mostly because I inherited a full and healthy (read: asian) head of hair. I always went about with the philosophy that nothing could genuinely damage my hair and that any damage would grow out. It's just hair, after all. However, in the past year, I have pushed the envelope a little far, that with 2 consecutive perms and more recently a sudden perpetual desire to iron straight my already permed locks, with no heat-protector prior. Before I could induce any more damage to my capillary abomination, the hairgods sent Luc my way. He is the owner of Hed Salon, which sits bright, lofty and chic on the St-Laurent strip. 

I have to say, the visit definitely gave me a new perspective. I now understand why women are willing to splurge and why they dwell such loyal and close relationships with their hairdressers. The staff at Hed consist of the nicest talents and they definitely know how to take you way away from your daily life of running amok.
They also have a make-up artist, who is present to offer touch-ups for clients after they get their hair done. She introduced me to a line called Jane Iredale, which is a mineral and completely non-toxic skincare and makeup line with some ah-mazing stuff! (more on that later). Oh and did I mention how adorable she is?

The lovely Anne-Renée, pleased with my face (or rather, her makeup application)
So I walked out (into the drizzle), with a sexy new do' (Yes, I do toot my own horn from time to time) and a real-life hair guru. The salon also carries an array of Bumble and bumble products. So please head to Hed, and if you do, don't forget to say hi to Luc! 

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