Comme il doit se faire bien évident, je suis complètement maniaque (oui, encore) de ce pull. Il me rappelle du printemps et de ma doudou d'enfant. Je le porte avec tout et rien, et je lui fais une dédicace présentement parce qu'il est dans le lavage et j'en suis mélancolique. D'accord, j'ai fini avec mon mélodrame de la journée. 
Voici ce que j'ai porté dernièrement avec le gilet en question;
des jeans noirs du forever 21 et des wedges du aldo (knit rose du h&m).


Everybody needs a little inspiration on a cold sunday morning (wait is it noon already?) right?

At Jason Wu, before the Fall Winter 2011-12 presentation;

Nina Porter, shot by Garance on the road to Burberry;

Loving Kate's outfit - Classy with a touch of Kate!;

Details from Milan Fashion Week, the love story between a pair of black trousers, kelly green pumps and the concrete;
Emilio Pucci Fall Winter 2011-12;

Oysh, G and S (i love you);

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Olivia Palermo, during London Fashion Week. 
(Olivia Palermo, always. The girl has got the loveliest attires.)

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If my pink knit from H&M reminded you of another sweater, but you just couldn't quite put your finger on it...
It might have been this amazing fluffy fluff fluff from Cerruti's fall winter 2010 collection, by designer Richard Nicoll. 
Speaking of Nicoll, have you seen the latest of his own collection? Apparently he changed everything the day before the show, removing the jewelry, the feathers and even the embroideries he had commissioned from an Indian manufacturer!

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I absolutely adore the fall collection from the Olsen's high-end line, The Row. The pieces exude luxury in such a casual, effortless way, and makes us dream of lush fur hats (with tails!) and leopard print loafers, amongst other things. Caroline Blomst's collage is perfection (what is perfection?), trippy to say the least, and pays tribute to the twin's latest collection.

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I'm in my finishing year of my BAC in Industrial Relations, and am currently looking for an internship, preferably something in the fashion industry, but I'm open to anything that can piqué my interest. Especially someplace where my leather pants would be considered "understated".
You can send me any info to histoiresdunboudoir@hotmail.com.
Am willing to sell my soul to the devil wearing Prada.

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Le soleil qui se dévoile peu à peu et le temps qui se réchauffe tranquillement font de moi une rêveuse de premier degré, de calibre John Lennon. Je rêve à l'été et au sorbet à la framboise, aux sandales à talons compensés et aux couronnes de fleurs, je rêve aux rayons UV (extrêmement nocifs) et à la peau doré, et hélas, je rêve à un monde sans frontières.
La collec printemps-été 2011 d'Erdem Moralioglu éveille en moi mon inner flowerchild. Ça me donne envie de gambader sur le mont-royal. La cerise sur la coupe glacée? L'artiste a vu le monde au Lac Saint-Louis!
Erdem printempsété2011
La dernière robe, oh!

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After an informal ban from stores for almost 2 months, withdrawal has finally hit me full on in the face. So I called my man and asked for his debit card. Bearing the control that I've been exercising, I returned home with 3 versatile pieces, and a total spending of under 100$.
Not to boast or anything but that is VERY good. 
One of the pieces is this soft pink knit, incredibly comfortable. When I tried this on the first thing that came to mind was "perfect for the plane!".
If it's good enough for the plane then it's good enough for bed! Happy lazy sunday kiddos!

x Pink knit from H&M



Every fashion month, there are a few designers whom I'm always squirming in anticipation to see what they have in store for the world. Stella McCartney is one of them. I just love women designing for women, you know? Anyhow, while we're waiting, here are a few of my favourite looks from her prefall 2011 collection.

Her stuff is so wearable, her collections are inherently coherent and harmonious, and they have WARDROBE STAPLE stamped all over them, with a touch of freshness. For example, that burgundy dress would've been a perfect LBD in black, but it makes an even better Little Burgundy Dress! 
What do you think she has in store for us for Fall Winter 2011-2012?

Apologies for the horrible collage work!  

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How awesome are Kimberley's watercolours?
I cannot wait for summer to come so I can sit on my balcony with a pitcher of mojito and paint the day away.

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Love the streetstyle shots by Tommy Ton at New York Fashion Week.
On a different note, how come NYC has such good weather right now? Some people just always get everything.

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I've never been a fan of V day, but after a day filled with looove, how could I maintain my grounds?
My boyfriend surprised me with visit to Spa Savanna for a facial and massage - it's a good thing that the shaving of the legs happened the night before (thank you, Elle Russia), lunch at l'Usine de Spaghetti, plans to then go skating at the old port which were given up thanks to the downpour of wet snow, and tickets to see Emanuel Ax play at the Place des Arts. He really lives up to his reputation as one of the greatest pianists of the 21st century.

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Lorsqu'on passe ses journées en couches d'habits afin de combattre l'hypothermie, on se sent plus comme un oignon qu'une femme. 
Pour éveiller nos chromosomes XX, Elle Russia nous propose un édito à un moment décidément stratégique - il est d'ailleurs temps pour la plupart d'entre nous de se raser les jambes, Saint Valentin et son cupidon contemplent notre épiderme amazonienne de leurs airs désapprobateurs. De toute manière, c'est comme monter en vélo, maîtrise un jour, maîtrise toujours. Il ne suffit que de se rafraîchir la mémoire.

Alyson Le Borges par Cesar Lucadamo pour Elle Russia février2011

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Check out the Boys of Milan & Paris FW2011. Shot by Tommy Ton with the collaboration of Jason Wu during the Paris and Milan Fashion week for Fall/Winter 2011 fashion weeks.  This video is too adorable!

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March 2011: Elle UK's Closet Confidential features Garance Doré and her new Greenwich Village closet.

She embodies the essence of the French woman in such a way that makes me want to throw grenades at every highstreet chain store I pass by... even more.

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x Chloé Pure Paddington leather tote (perfect shade of creaaamy camel)
x Christian Louboutin Pigalle (I'm craving these so bad.)
x Cartier 18K wrist watch (the one and only I will need!)
x Rag & Bone Primrose jacket (a good alternative to the sold-out Isabel Marant Bator!)
x Dior Oui!



When your nest looks like this!

Lauren Santo Domingo's apartment reminds me of a tropical palace, where you drink coconut cocktails, take baths in thermal springs and wear Chanel resort. No? I brought props to support my theory.

 I told my boyfriend that this will be my future apartment and that if he wants to live with me we are going to have to dress in matching outfits including but not limited to this one below. He said no. Boys are so hopeless when it comes to contextual romances.

Chanel resort2011

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I'm really looking forward to warmer weather...

House of Dagmar SS2011

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A little project of mine from a while ago; with a $2.99 stool found at the salvation army, white paint, yellow spray paint, paper tape, a pencil and an exacto knife!

It used to serve as a bedside stool, but since the arrival of WINTER (ggrrrr) we have been using it as a boot-removing stool. Deers are really multi-talented when they want to be.