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So little work, so much yummy (and healthy!) in tummy.
There are many variations for this Scandinavian dish, but I went for the classic one requiring only 5 ingredients (salmon filet, salt, sugar, pepper and dill). Click here for a step by step tutorial. 
PS: I didn't add the dill seeds and it turned out just as good.



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If you are looking for ways to incorporate Oxblood into your wardrobe, get inspired by the above look by Proenza Schouler. Oxblood, Khaki, Black, White. Mm-mm-mm!



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Alas, it's that time of year again. I've been looking for a cute beanie to keep my ears warm, and as any reason is a good one for more cajjjjmere, here are my picks for the season. And yes, I love my poms.



Recently, my friend J's playlist met mine - and the result is groovybaby. It was too much to share at once with you, so here's Part(o) Uno.
PS: Am I the last one of earth to have learnt about converting youtube videos to audio?



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I think that everybody should explore a new colour each season. I know I for one could certainly use a bit of that excitement. This fall? Try Oxblood. The beauty of this colour is that if you're more of a shades and tones kind of gal (read: blacks and grays), it will mesh wonderfully with the rest of your wardrobe. 
Unsure? Start with something small, like a lipstick (like the above Nars 'Volga', or Mac's 'Media') or a mani (like Essie's 'Burgundies'). Or, if you're like me and are ready to take the plunge, the cambridge satchel variation is amazing (hello xmax gift idea!), as is the AllSaints 'Sagan' blazer, or these 'Larson' booties from 80%20. Last but certainly not least, you can (and should) tuck your girlies in this sassy animal print number from Agent Provocateur.



L, J and I are leanin' and cleanin' it for a skinnier November, so when it came time to host a night-in eat-out, without making our diets go loco, what's better than fish tacos? What else made the cut? Bites of spring salsa on endive and pompous bloody caesars dressed in oyster, pickle, olive and shrimpy finery.