I'm over the moon about my new haircut. I recently met one of my friend's new boyfriend, who coincidentally is also one of the best hairdressers in Montreal. He owns a lofty and chic salon on the St-Laurent strip. More on the salon later. So I headed to Hed (pun intented) and he chopped my locks! Goodbye permed-out, lifeless fuzzcloth and Hello! shiny, healthy mane! I was then trapped in a light drizzle which started its round right about when I finished my haircut. And surprise! my hair still looks amazing. Ah...:) Naturally I was a li-ttle too lazy to bring out the tripod so I introduce you brand new cut via our old friend le photobooth! (√† la StephanieAnd girl, your action definitely pushed me out of my inaction!)

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  1. ah!!! amazing!!! It looks so good!!!! short is the new long LOL...ok who am i?! haha!! no but srsly, SO glad i took the plunge. def wont be going back long anytime soon and im so flattered I inspired you to take the plunge too and that you're so happy you did! You cut is awesome! will keep me eyes peeled for Hed too ;) even though I love Ivan so much i'd never leave him lol!



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