As most of you must know by now, I love a classic outfit. And from my personal standpoint I believe an elegant and tasteful style leaves a greater impact than any overdone, over-the-top trendy look. When I stumbled upon this next picture, I fell instantly in love. But, why? We've all seen this look hundreds of times before, yet every time is a new-found love story. Especially when it is as well executed as with this chic lady. Oh, and those Louboutins Pigalles...(Personal story: my feet are tiny and I wear size 35 usually, but pumps are somehow all made bigger so nothing fits me..I'm still on the hunt for a pair that will. :( End of personal story.)
photo: streetfsn

I think this picture really renders justice to the wonders of quality clothing. A good pair of jeans and an immaculately tailored button-down, still crisp from the morning ironing, and a pair of designer shoes takes the All-American style to a whole new level. It definitely inspired an outfit collage:
collage made using polyvore

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