Yes...another few iPhone snaps peaking into this past week. Are you tired of them yet? I celebrated my 23rd birthday under fresh coats of white blossoms - quite an upheaval for my mental state that had already started planning spring-timing under our bare streeted conditions over the last weeks or so.

shoes nine west | trousers theory | sweater gap
coat and purse rudsak |sweater zara | trousers gap | booties aldo | aaand boyfriends feet for sure belong in a zoo
a bloody ceasar with a keen sense of accessorizing | love this leather peplumed top from h&m, only one left and a size 6 :(
winter wonderland - not gonna lie, it is quite a beautiful sight.
macaron stand in the eaton center | I'm loving the snow! - a rare sight.
okay, now I've officially seen too much of it. 



Some iPhone snapshots detailing my week so far. I just started to upload on my long-activity-free instagram! If any of you use it too, follow me @histoiresdunboudoir and tell me what your usernames are, I'd love to take a look! I just got these new dusty pink jeans from the Gap, and I'm very impressed. You can't tell in these photos but they have zippers at the ankle that come up slightly higher than expected - a detail I thoroughly enjoy. 



Here's a look at some of my outfits from this week. I wear too much black, it's a fact. 



I basically spent my entire weekend catching up on school work and reading the New York Times. With the weather staggering between cold and colder and the grounds covering themselves with layers over layers of snoice (a mix of snow and ice, nice eh?), it is useless to say that wardrobe inspiration has been close to none. However, these images are really stirring up my pot, and I think I'm gonna dedicate my week to putting more effort into my outfits. If I have the time I'll try to chronicle a few and show you guys. In the meantime, maybe these will have the same effect on you.

photos: garancedoré, jak&jil, sartorialist