The weather has officially gotten too damn cold. Too damn cold to have actually interesting outfit posts and too damn cold for me to successfully carry out my attempt at giving you guys a peak inside my coat (2nd picture). Wearing my go-to boatneck by François Beauregard, Rich and Skinny flares, Rudsak coat, Nine West booties, Marc by Marc sunnies and purse (thanks D). And a red necklace that's made out of beans!



Here is what I've been carrying around with me lately. Moleskine planner (originally my man's but he's too hightech now, apparently), sunnies, dark chocolate (you never know when you need a little pick-me-up), makeup pochette (bursting with Stella body cream, red gloss, blush, mints, rosebud salve), wallet, keys, phone, and metro pass.


To those of you unfamiliar with Little Things, behind the blog is a freshly established Montrealer, all the way from Australia! Check out her blog (if you don't mind a newcomer teaching you a thing or two about your own city ;) ) and take part in her latest giveaway



The legendary Lagerfeld, at 78, is tucking yet another accomplishment under his belt. The designer is launching a new, affordable (prices ranging between 84$ and 300$!!) and "rocker chic" inspired line to be sold exclusivement on Net-A-Porter come January 2012! Read the full article here

photo: google



Before I show you what I got here, I realized I haven't yet acquainted you with the latest addition to my handbag fam. I've been needing forever a nice simple everyday carry-all in a soft yet sturdy leather and I'm glad to say this little beast satisfies all of my criterias!


Figured out how to turn my very summery pink trousers autumn friendly by pairing them with the infallible Marant replicata booties (I did a good thing of getting two pairs when they were reduced to a mocking 45$!), and ended the evening with pesto pasta and season appropriate pumpkin tartlets. I'll show you what's in the bag as soon as I get around photographing the goods. 



My man and I love brunch. Okay, who doesn't? Being the foodies that we are, we've tried our share of brunch joints, and hence, our share of good, mediocre and ugly experiences. But, so far, one little gem really caught our hearts. Nestled in the Mile End and serving breakfast til 4pm, you can expect a verrrry wide range of clientele. From your grand mother and her retire home possee to the guy you went to highschool with, to the lady looking important, to the family of 5... The atmosphere is congenial (and always busy) and the coffee is great. Expect to catch your childhood cartoons playing on the telly and a charming diy mural of Montreal's major landmarks in the back. 

Try the Breakfast Poutine; potatoes, cheese, hollandaise sauce and an egg (liquid and ready to burst) snuggled right on top of it all...Be sure to let me in on your reviews!
Fabergé; 25 Fairmount West, open weekdays (7am to 4pm) and weekends (8am to 4pm)



It was about time Stylist Extraordinaire Rachel Zoe('s office) got Coveteur'd. I'm really really really short breathed from looking at the shoe collection (wholesale manufacture?). And I have to admit I was rather surprised by the straightforward simplicity of her office space. I mean, I kind of expected some over the top Zoe action, no?

photos: thecoveteur



This fall, I still love the look of the cocoon jacket à la Isabel Marant, Bator caterpillar, but I think that this time around we should have some fun and add a little twist to the timeless shape. Hanne Gaby showcases one example on how to wear it in a fresh way this season: no, not by rolling up only one pant leg, but - by incorporating a pattern. Another option of a great pattern is this Prouvè Dot print (by Marni). If you live in the great North like me, keep warm by wrapping yourself in cozy texture, preferably shearling (3.1 Philip Lim). Or, fight the winter blues by adding some shine, and at the same time stay safe from cars with some light reflecting metallic foil action (Stella McCartney). Also, please be advised that below is my first real attempt at a collage with Photoshop (damn! that shit software is complicated), so don't laugh. 

photos: carolinesmode, polyvore
Ok, I do notice that this collage is completely ridiculous now that it's posted for the whole world wide web to see. I will change it tomorrow. Not morning, no, AFTER WORK so give me a break.

Update: Okay, so is this even better? ... I guess a little.


Apparently my man has been supplying this specific (or he says) little fellow his hibernation stash for a while now. 



The first picture was taken in the park besides my apartment, isn't the assembly of pine trees adorable? I've managed to overlook the brick facade in the second and third pictures in all these years of continuously passing in front, can you believe it? It's such a perfect blogger picture background! For those of you who live in Montreal, can you tell where it is? On another note, my hair has been growing alarmingly fast and I haven't found time to visit Luc yet! It honestly took 2 weeks for it to grow 2 inches. 



The last of Paris. I've always been partial to Tommy Ton's perspective and the way he captures sheds light on what he judges as the star of the shot. His voice is definitely clear and sound in his work, which I think is so refreshing in the context of streetstyle photography because there often is so much going on! By offering his perspective, he enables us to take notice in details we otherwise would overlook. 

photos: style.com



For those of you who have been following me since my humble beginnings, you know that I'm a big Stella fan. So naturally some of you were left wondering when the spring summer 2012 commentary would emerge. Truth is, I've been somewhat unsure about the latest McCartney collection. I mean, I'm overall not as fond of it as I am usually. But, there are a few highlights that make this collection quite enjoyable nonetheless.
runway photos: style.com, columbinesmille
I really adore the ornate baroque curled hemlines and the same curls appliquéd on her ever desirable trousersuit/romper. 
I'm equally lovestruck by the head-to-toe microprinted ensembles.
Last but not least, the shoes. Honestly if these were leather I wouldn't even hesitate a microsecond.



I discovered Giuseppe Savini only just recently. I especially LOVE this set called Passanti.
photography by Giuseppe Savini


To be honest, I've never been quite taken by Susie's style. I'm quite aware of her influence and eye and I do admire that she has developed such an unique sense of attire and pulls off her look like second nature, but I've never found any of her appearances rattlingly attractive, because it is very much the opposite from my take on fashion. And, I don't know, it never looked comfortable? However, this particular outfit sends shivers down my spine. So easy breezy yet quirky and singular.

photos: northernlight, marieclaire



How did I miss this? Philip Lim is promptly becoming one of my créateurs chouchous. This is going to be the look of Spring Summer 2012.
runway photos: style.com


I'm really smitten with Elin's new project, or at least with what we've been teasingly given a sneak and a peak of. On my list is this particular skirt, such a simple yet remarkable piece.

photos: elinkling
Ok, where do I begin with these beauties...I mean, these aren't your average kitten heels. In fact, they aren't kitten heels at all so my joke sucks. But, I'm head over heeeeels with them, by Charlotte Olympia.
photo: streetfsn



I love the idea of transforming a church into a fire station. Funny story behind this picture: as I walked by and spotted  the station, only one of the three doors was unenclosed. But as soon as I stopped my tracks and started to snap away, someone remotely opened all three of them, giving me a great view of the exposed fire trucks. When I finished capturing my shots and started walking off, the doors magically sprung shut again. I had a good debate with my man on whether or not it was some handsome fireman doing me a favour. Lol.



Or, the Master of Proportions. He blows my mind. Season after season I stay baffled before his mastery of simple lines, sophisticated cuts and subtle exploits with textures. He truly understands the play of proportions, and looking at his work is thrillingly pleasant - the catwalk allows the outfits to emerge to life with such harmony. Here are my favourite looks from the ss2012 runway. I think I just fathomed the meaning of sophistication in all its glory.

runway photos: style.com, garancedoré


I was again let down by the Isabel Marant seasonal runway. It seems like my brain will not accept that she isn't doing the same thing she was doing a few years ago. However, as per usual, there was a small number of peaks percolating an otherwise (my opinion) dull show. 
They are
1. This coat
2. The billowy white top and acid-stripped denim bottom combo
3. The shoes
runway photos: style.com, fashiontoast