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As Fall is precipitated upon us through the wonderfully hazardous channels of retail therapy, my autumn heart, who has always belonged to Valentino, pounds at the sight of the studs of the season.



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You all know by now that I'm a sucker for these classic looks. As per uje, Ulyana is CAF (Chic as Fug).



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Head on over to Vogue Italia and let the fashion gods read your fate in Love, Money, Work and Future...or just go for the sake of these cutest cards!



Some iPhone snaps of the weekend. If it wasn't for the exorbitantly balmy weather, which allowed only for the short shorts and flowy top combo, I would've been thoroughly disappointed at my weekend's sartorial scene.



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Hedvig Opshaug, le babe - no, le light, of the north. Her style is classic with a modern twist - aka abso(fkn)lutely chic. What I love about this girl is that she is relatable - she recycles her clothes to create different outfits, and hence offers readers a much more accessible reach, and demonstrates the versatility and the reasoning behind investment pieces. She also alternately showcases casual and dressier days, which, I mean...is how life is, right? I'm crushing way to much on girls lately, especially the scandinavian ones...I guess I've found my type ;)



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Tis the season of entertaining, and no summer reception is complete without dazzling drinks, and, most importantly - desert. Or what about a two-in-one? Phil Usher, pastry chef for Caprice Holdings, introduces Twinkle Jelly, a concoction of sparkly, jelly and sherbety. 

INGREDIENTS (serves four)
300ml Prosecco
75ml vodka
25ml elderflower cordial
100g caster sugar
3 1/2 leaves gelatine
1 sheet gold leaf (optional, obvi.)
Elderflowers for garnish

Cover the gelatine with cold water in a bowl and soak until soft.
Meanwhile, heat the prosecco in a saucepan with sugar until the sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat. 
Wring the gelatine and add it to the prosecco/sugar. Stir well until dissolved.
Add the elderflower cordial, vodka and gold leaf, and mix well – the gold leaf will break up naturally.
Pour most of the jelly into individual glasses, such as champagne coupes (but not right up to the top!)!), and place in the fridge to set, leaving about a wine glass of mixture aside.
 Pour this remaining jelly mixture into a bowl and place it over larger bowl full of ice (sort of like a cold bain-marie).
Mix vigorously with a hand mixer or whisk until foamy, then carefully pour on top of the setting jelly in the coupes.
When it has set (about four hours) serve with lemon sherbet.
Don't forget the final touch: a sprig of fresh elderflower. 

If you're feeling extra spunky (and if you own an ice-cream machine), you can also go ahead and make your own lemon sherbet - here's how:

3 lemons, juiced, one zested
150g caster sugar
100ml water
25g glucose (available in pharmacies/supermarkets)
500g sour cream

Bring the lemon juice, caster sugar, water and glucose to the boil in a heavy-bottomed saucepan.
Ensure all the sugar has dissolved before you remove from the heat.
Whisk the sour cream and zest into the hot liquid.
Pour into a bowl.
Leave to cool and churn in an ice-cream machine. 

Recipe from Editer



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I cannot wait for this collab to launch! I've been on the search for a denim button-up for the longest time, and this one looks like it will be worth the wait.



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It's sale season again! And I'm henceforth one pair of white floral trousers wealthier, and $28,10 poorer. Weeeee!! Get them here.



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"Montreal (Quebec) Today, TELUS is pleased to announce that the Wi-Xi squad will hit the streets of Montreal. The squad will visit various popular public places throughout the summer to give Montrealers free access to TELUS’ powerful 4G LTE network.
The BIXI bike, decked out in TELUS colours, is transformed into a Wi-Fi access point thanks to the TELUS Wi-Xi, a 4G LTE modem which is linked to a battery that is recharged by pedal power. A TELUS innovation, the TELUS Wi-Xi allows up to 10 users per bike to connect to TELUS’s powerful 4G LTE network. The innovation behind this pilot project highlights TELUS’ desire to fully exploit the power of the Internet in order to offer the best technological solutions for households and offices and, now, on streets city-wide."

Click here for the whole press release.



I went camping this weekend: An abandoned mine, camp fires, croaking toads, sleeping between polyester walls and floating around on a lonesome lake surrounded by tall trees and dragonflies... All of the above and no cellular network definitely dots the i in disconnect. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm officially a nature's gal.



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I don't know if any of you are familiar with Polish interior design house, 2kul Interior Design, but you now are thanks to this GORGEOUS stair work. What I love about it, as well, is that it is totally something that can be executed in a modern new home. Lush interiors are so often cast in older, rustic settlements...This is making me drrream.