Ok. So I ditched my Checks and Balances, which, by the way, is the best facewash ever, for the sake of my cooking oil. The OCM (or Oil Cleansing Method) is a natural cleansing method that rebalances your skin's natural oil levels. Mix 80% olive oil and 20% castor oil. By massaging your face with the mix - it penetrates your poors, dissolves the natural oil produced by your face that has trapped all the impurities you put your face into nowadays and preps it to come off easily when you put a damp, very warm cloth over your face. As a result your skin is radiant and blemish-free. For full instructions click here. Sounds wonderful, right? The only thing is, there is a adaptation period for your skin, during which your skin breaks out, cause it doesn't know what the hell is going on....Well...I'm in that phase right now. One tip I can give you, though, is to test out the formula. If you break out a lot you should increase your % of castor oil, and alternatively if you find your skin extremely dried out, up the olive oil. And what about this picture, right? I found it on lifeinitaly.com and photoshopped it to this Warhol worthy one. Whad'yathink?
 photo: lifeinitaly.com

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