In my absence I missed a few snowstorms, and the action from my favourite Fashion Week; Paris. There are a few designers that I always look forward to see, and inevitably with high expectations come some deceptions. Here is my review of some of the collections from Paris fall/winter 2011

I'm a fan of Phoebe Philo's work (especially with Chloé), and her latest with Celine did not alter my affection. It didn't deepen it either, but there are some pieces that I really fell for, i.e. that orange coat!

For the past few decades Chloé had a partial reign over the desires des filles bien sapées. Just think about scalloped hems, camel tones, paddington bags...and now snakeskin print! Hannah MacGibbon's latest obsession has translated into a few looks that I adore, particularly the ones with the trademark Chloé green, although my affection does not extend to the rest of the collection as it did in spring/summer.

Dries...I love Dries. Season after season his pieces seduce with his masterful plays with colours, patterns, textures, shapes. Although I wasn't as taken with his choice of colours for the fall/winter 2011, the collection is still very Dries.

Christophe Lemaire's leap from Lacoste to Hermès was impressive, to say the least. Tassels and quiltings in Hermès prints? Jewel toned drapings in buttery soft wool and leather? Yes please!

I was rather disappointed with the direction that Isabel Marant has been taking these past 4-5 seasons to be honest, and the feeling remained consistent for the latest collection as well. I didn't like the boots and all the fringe that she had going on, it just feels a little over the top for what her designs are supposed to stand for.
But as usual there were a few looks that caught my attention;
As you may know from a previous post Stella's collection was one that I was really anticipating, and as usual she did not disappoint. I love her play of contrast between masculine tailoring and feminine sheer pleats, and her choice of shapes that suggest that subtle hint of feminine sensuality! Stella deserved a post of her own. Stella is stellar. (Sorry, had to.)

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