A summary of our escapade in 11 photos, not taken with my babycams but with the crappy sony cybershot, hence the lesser quality. The fisheye pictures were taken with the Go Pro.

The weather was fantastic and so were the beaches we visited. My favourite was the one at Cabarete, with its numerous restaurants and bars along the beach and its constant sea breeze (and thus many windsurfers and such), it's a must-see if you visit Puerto Plata. Another noteworthy scene is the beach in Sosua, especially on weekends, where locals and tourists alike settle to the rhythms of the crowded beach and its many background musics.

Outfits in order of photos; 
x ecoté crème tank, f21 coral shorts
x fcuk tank
x f21 silk white tank
x h&m corsetty top, aa side-zipper shorts

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