Oh hiiii. While I've certainly mastered the art of non-blogging during my 2 months hiatus from HBD,  I am back today, bearing pictures of my past weekend escape to the city that truly, doesn't sleep.
Subway Bodega 

Feminist art installation and view, MoMA.
Fresh deliciousness at Eataly. 

Perusing the Chelsea Flea Market.
Lunch at Friedman's in the Chelsea Market.
Warranted tourist moment - Times Square.  
1 a.m. ramen dinner at Momofuku Noodle Bar. 

High winds at the Highlines.
And alas, Brooklyn, my heart belongs to your on this trip.

I realize that it looks like I spent the 5 days dressed in the same clothes, and also what a bad blogger I am for not taken the formidable opportunity of having NYC as the backdrop to some serious blogger worthy pictures...
Most of the time I'm just sporting a variation of the above - leather pants, this Theory jumper I got in Soho, my fur vest (an ebay score!) and chucks. I'm not ashamed to admit that the main objective of this trip was to feast upon the Big Apple's culinary scene. 

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