I want to start by saying a big fat sowwwyyyy for being such a bad blogger. I started my first semester in PR mgmt with 2 courses and the workload is already copious. But I absolutely love it and I'm more than happy to throw myself into the readings and assignments. As I was munching through the chapters, I began to think about my blog, and the direction I wanted to sail it towards... Although I love fashion blogs and have my own daily must reads, most of their authors wear a common thread of success in the fashion industry, which makes it in my opinion less relatable for a big majority of its readers. I decided to offer a variant perspective: by chronicling my professional pursuit to my front row seat by knotting and testing the different ropes I'll come to learn about in the course of my degree. Perhaps you will find inspiration in my subjective journey on our shared ambitions. Hopefully looking as chic as the ladies from TL180 while running from my 8:30-5 job to my 6-9 classes. 
photo: vanessajackman

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  1. I'm excited to read what your posts have in stored for me :)

    I made a new blog btw, about my life as a student in Fashion Marketing, let me know what you think yea?


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