A hiatus means a hiatus. But I can't leave you guys hanging. Although I can't find as much time to meander out and about and take pictures and pose, I'm resolute about organizing my time more efficiently in a way that weekends will allow me to concoct and anticipate posts for the week to come. In other words, I'm showing you guys some loooove. Lotsa loooove. Here's some inspo (albeit some suited for warmer instances) on a cold saturday - the grounds of Montreal are officially covered with their first layer of doom powder.
photo: streethearts | Gray and green make a fresh combination, especially in colder months.
photo: emmaelwin | Leopard print is best in form of pony hair, and a little bit of tassels and leather doesn't hurt either.
photo: carolinesmode | Okay, I know what you're thinking. What kind of inspo is this for December? Unfortunately I haven't come up with a witty reply. So yeah.
 photo: emmaelwin | Play with leathers of different textures and colours - weather appropriate and badass.
photo: northernlight | Last but not least: I wish I had long (and blond?) hair so I can put it up in braids like this and walk down les Tuileries. 

Happy weekend!

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