This fall, I still love the look of the cocoon jacket à la Isabel Marant, Bator caterpillar, but I think that this time around we should have some fun and add a little twist to the timeless shape. Hanne Gaby showcases one example on how to wear it in a fresh way this season: no, not by rolling up only one pant leg, but - by incorporating a pattern. Another option of a great pattern is this Prouvè Dot print (by Marni). If you live in the great North like me, keep warm by wrapping yourself in cozy texture, preferably shearling (3.1 Philip Lim). Or, fight the winter blues by adding some shine, and at the same time stay safe from cars with some light reflecting metallic foil action (Stella McCartney). Also, please be advised that below is my first real attempt at a collage with Photoshop (damn! that shit software is complicated), so don't laugh. 

photos: carolinesmode, polyvore
Ok, I do notice that this collage is completely ridiculous now that it's posted for the whole world wide web to see. I will change it tomorrow. Not morning, no, AFTER WORK so give me a break.

Update: Okay, so is this even better? ... I guess a little.

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