I'll be the first to admit it; working in a retail environment definitely entices consumption. Especially when said retail environment is filled with buttery soft handbags crafted in an assortment of colours, beautiful italian tailoring, 5-inch heels with a certain signature red sole and pristine french ballerina flats, dainty silver jewelry with a packaging so recognizable the very colour has become its eponym...you get the drift. Temptation has been lurking in all directions and as I've been so disciplined and so courageously resisting while strolling to the scent of Coco Mademoiselle, what happens? Well, the Holt Renfrew Annual Summer Sale of course! At this point, more than ever, I have to keep in mind that just because it's now 200$ instead of 600$ does not mean I need it and that it is NOT A LOSS TO NOT BUY.
I really have to keep perspective by making a list of items that will help build my wardrobe in order to minimize impulse purchases. I'm sorry for this contemptible letter to self under the guise of blog entry. Narcissistic post of the month, check. 

Although an extra cone might seem like a good idea and cause it's on sale (really?), it will melt and leak all over your hand and you will regret it.

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  1. Love the intro. And yes when something is on super sale and in your size it is a SIGN FROM THE FASHION GODS that you should buy! Like my new D&G desert shoes that I got for 130 instead of 579!


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